• Help individuals overcome obstacles to homeownership and money management
  • Help individuals understand and leverage their credit
  • Connect individuals to county, state, federal resources, and mortgage products
  • Inform individuals regarding down payment assistance programs
  • Cover a variety of housing topics including identity theft, senior scams, banking basics, predatory lending, and more


  • Obtain and review credit reports
  • Provide confidential 1-on-1 credit counseling to assist clients establish/re-establish credit worthiness
  • Provide individual Home Buyer and Rental Counseling with case management assistance as needed
  • Provide workshops for first time home buyers, renters, and existing homeowners
  • Identify appropriate loan products and assist with the Home Loan application process
  • Provide pre & post-purchase counseling

Financial Readiness Course

This is a 6 hour class, divided into three workshops, designed to help individuals improve their credit, use credit wisely, reduce debt, establish goals, develop a budget, establish a savings plan, education on investment vehicles, and how to invest in their future. Applicants will have a clearer understanding of how to better manage their finances and improve their credit.

Credit/Budget Workshop:

This workshop encourages participants to correct or begin to re-establish creditworthiness, to build earning capacity, and to foster the financial discipline necessary to maintain credit and assume the responsibilities of homeownership. These classes are held on a quarterly basis.

Home Ownership Courses

Homebuyer workshop:

This session focuses on understanding loan terminology, loan qualification criteria, the loan application and closing processes, underwriting standards, loan product choices, and financing and real estate transaction processes. Theses workshops help participants learn how to search for and select suitable homes, how to make informed loan decisions, and the responsibilities of homeownership. Classes are held on a quarterly basis.

Financial Literacy workshops:

Consisting of ten training modules that address banking and checking services, the importance of savings and investment, borrowing money, credit systems and using credit, and owning a home. These series are currently presented on a quarterly basis.