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Donors & Supporters

Our donors and supporters help make our projects a success. We would like to thank all previous and present supporters for taking the time to help us achieve our goals!

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Become a Corporate Partner

We are able to continue creating affordable housing and empowering the public through advocacy and education due to our generous corporate partners. To become a corporate partner, indicate your interest via Contact Us. We will be happy to provide you with further information including the benefits of corporate partnership.


Love what EPACANDO does for the community?
If you want to get involved and help to support the creation of affordable housing in the Bay Area, please Contact Us.

Volunteering at EPACANDO will enable you to aid your community and give you meaningful experiences working with a non-profit structure. Once your email indicates your interest in EPACANDO, we will schedule an appointment to discuss the skills you offer the organization as well as how you may benefit from working with us.

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We encourage resident and non-resident involvement in the community through our EPACANDO Membership. Members work together to support responsible local development, and enjoy individual privileges of membership.

Regular Membership

Residents of East Palo Alto, sixteen years of age or older, may become members by paying an annual membership fee of $10.00, due when joining and each January thereafter.

Membership privileges:

  • Vote for Directors
  • Serve as a Director
  • Attend member and board meetings

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is a non-resident who supports the efforts of EPACANDO and pays an annual fee of $25.00 or more.

Associate Membership privileges:

  • Attend member and board meetings
  • Serve on advisory committees

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