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Our Motivated and Passionate Team

Duane Bay

Executive Director

As EPACANDO’s Executive Director, Duane Bay returns to intensely place-based projects after five years of regional focus on housing, hazard resilience and equitable land use with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).

For eight years prior, Duane led San Mateo County’s Department of Housing and Housing Authority.  In this and previous positions, Duane focused on building institution capacity for collaborative sub-regional problem-solving:  a 21-jurisdiction housing policy collaborative, housing trust fund, housing advocacy coalition and community land trust.

These projects built on Duane’s local experience as a 44-year East Palo Alto resident, former city council member and mayor during a period of rapid development, resident displacement and cultural transition; and on capacities accumulated as a hurdler, winger, day care worker, middle school teacher, and early-stage executive in two tech start-ups.



Gabriela Anguiano

Administrative Assistant

Gabriela Anguiano has worked in the Customer Service and it has given her great knowledge in communicating with others. It has made her patient, attentive and among other great skills. Prior to joining EPA CAN DO she worked as an Office Administrator at Maid Brigade; a house cleaning company. She helped clients with their concerns and questions as well as gave estimates over the phone and sometimes went to their homes to provide them with a better estimate. In 2012 she took a 4 month training class for Office Skills at Job Train and now obtains a certificate for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, she also has some skill with Excel. Stationed in the front office, Gaby is the first person that tenants and visitors see as they walk through the door. Gaby also answers telephone calls and electronic inquiries. Lastly, she performs various organizational duties to support the Executive Director and Office Manager.