What We Do - Overall

Create & Maintain Long-Term Housing


We develop and support affordable housing of all kinds, focusing especially on the East Palo Alto area.

Among our many-pronged activities we

  • Develop new affordable rental housing (often with non-profit partners – link to our Portfolio of completed projects )
  • Buy/ Renovate and Manage existing housing
  • Sponsor the local community land trust, PAHALI [Preserving Affordable Housing Assets Longterm, Inc]
  • Administer the City of EPA’s “Affordable Homeownership Program” (aka Ciy’s BMR program)
  • Help homeowners develop ADU’s [Accessory Dwelling Units; backyard units]
  • Counsel residents on housing problems and possibilities
  • Advocate policies for more affordable housing.


Penineula Park Apartments Palo Alto
Nugent Square Apartments Palo Alto

Nugent Square Apartments and EPACANDO office

This 32-unit affordable housing development was a joint venture with Eden Housing, Inc. Construction was completed in 2006.